A Guide to Choosing a Commercial Or Industrial Roofer

Among all the building’s construction materials, commercial roofs can be one of the most expensive (but also one of the most important since it protects all that is housed within). There are more questions you ought to be asking, despite how alluring it may be to just accept the lowest offer. Let’s go through several procedures that will help you pick a commercial roofing contractor.

  •     Who is offering to do your job?

You will receive several proposals from both reputable contractors and “fly-by-nighters” if you put your task out for bid to the general public. As a result, the dispersion will be greater, making it more difficult to compare apples to apples.

You could do well to think about limiting the number of contractors who submit bids for your job. By getting three to four quotations, you’ll actually have a pretty good notion of the price range for your project and will have more control over which companies look at your job.

Additionally, you should ensure that the contractor you select has a good track record and will be available to honour any promises or warranties related to the roof. Reputation is really important.

  •     What’s Hidden in the Numbers?

While it’s crucial to examine each bid’s specifics to ensure that it complied with the given standards (so you can compare proposals fairly), it’s also crucial to check if any of the contractors offered alternatives.

Value engineering is the practice of asking questions about the particulars of your position to gain a thorough grasp of the objectives. Then, they should offer an alternative bid that could help you save money or consider a long-term goal you hadn’t considered previously.

For instance, it’s possible that all or part of the insulation can be saved, saving a sizable sum of money, or perhaps your demands would be better served by an entirely different roof design.

The way the specifications are written may not necessarily be the best or even the only method to complete the roof. Additionally, take note of whether the contractor adds any value-added elements, such as CAD drawings. The power of visual communication makes it easier for everyone to comprehend what’s happening.

  •     Are There Any Unexpected Fees?

Verify that the bid covers any unanticipated expenses or circumstances, such as snow removal, restoring damaged decking, or wet insulation. A number that seems too good to be true usually is, as is frequently the case. Query why.

  •     Contractors for commercial roofing: Who is in charge of your job?

Have you spoken with the team leading your project or the project manager themselves? One appointed project manager who will oversee the entire project is necessary for it to run properly.

Consistency saves money, so you want to be sure there’s a point person who can address all inquiries, monitor quality, and guarantee your needs are consistently satisfied.

    In conclusion

Be cautious. It’s tempting to accept the lowest offer and leave. But be sure to take everything into account. You’re investing a lot, and you want it to be profitable. For more than 70 years, we have been a dependable partner for facility managers and building owners. Put our reputation and experience to work for you.