Common Gutter Problems Every Property Owner should know About

As a property owner, you probably hardly ever think about your gutters and their health until something goes wrong and calls your attention to it.

However, you are supposed to pay attention to your gutters because they are important to your home. Gutters channel water away from the foundation of your home and maintain the shape of your foundation.

If your gutters are not in good condition, then the foundation of your building is at risk, and no homeowner wants that. So, you must ensure that your gutter is problem-free.

Here are some problems to spot when monitoring and maintaining the health of your roof and gutters.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are very common in homes, and these clogs are responsible for the gutters’ inability to drain properly. During the rainy season, you’ll find that the gutters will overflow. If this continues and the water has nowhere to go, your foundation might begin to experience problems.

To ensure that your gutters don’t get clogged, clean them, remove all debris, and engage in gutter maintenance twice a year. Depending on where you live, you should consider clearing out your gutter late in the fall after most of the leaves must have fallen, and in spring to prepare for the showers that should come in April.

If your gutters are exposed to too much debris, you can install gutter covers, although they can be expensive and also need maintenance.

Leaking Gutters

Have you ever noticed water pouring out of the middle of your gutter? If yes, then I am sure you eventually discovered that there’s a hole in your gutters resulting in the leak.

The good thing is, you can fix the holes and leaks easily by using a sealant to repair the leaky seams when dealing with small holes. For larger holes, you’ll need to buy a patching kit at a hardware store and use it to patch your gutters.

Always ensure to use the same material as the gutter when patching it to avoid causing erosion.

Incorrect Gutter pitching 

Sometimes, your gutters might not be pitched properly, making it difficult for water to flow properly. If the gutter’s slope isn’t positioned at the right angle (3/4 of an inch for every 10 feet), then the pitching is incorrect.

To confirm whether or not your gutter has been pitched properly, climb up a ladder after it rains and observe the water. If you find standing water, then the pitching wasn’t done correctly, and the gutters will need some adjustments. In simple cases, you can simply bend the gutter into place, but some other times, the hangers might need a total reinstallation.

Sagging Gutters 

When twigs, leaves, and debris clog up your gutters, you’ll be faced with more challenges than overflowing and standing water. The weight of the objects and debris can cause the gutters to sag, especially if the hangers securing the gutters to the house are loose. It makes it hard for the gutters to handle the extra weight posed by the debris.

You can fix sagging gutters by tightening the loose screws. But if the sag is caused by the wrong spacing of the hangers, then a new installation is necessary.

Damaged Gutters

Many things can damage your gutters, but the weather is a major culprit. Windstorms or rainstorms can damage your gutters or even knock them down. If they are knocked down, you can easily hang them again, but in the case of damages, you might need to make a few replacements.

An absent or Inadequate Gutter System

Some homes either don’t have gutter systems or have poor and inadequate systems, and this is the root of many problems. To avoid such issues, you need to install a proper system that can also protect your foundation.

To install a new gutter system, you’ll need to engage the services of a professional. Consider choosing aluminum gutters over others because, with proper maintenance, they can last a really long time.

Proper Gutter Maintenance can help to prevent damages

Keeping your gutters free from issues and damages isn’t an impossible task, and it also won’t take all of your time. You simply need to engage in regular maintenance to ensure your gutters are always in the best condition even as seasons change.